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10-8 Mobile Computer Repair and Router Install and Setup is part of 10-8.blue LLC
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10-8 Mobile Computer Repair and Router Setup of Las Cruces provides Windows PC Computer repair, router setup, printer and other device setup to the greater Las Cruces and El Paso area including the surrounding communities of Alamogordo, Truth or Consequences, Deming, Mesilla, Sunland Park, Anthony, and Canutillo.
Q. Do you work on Apple Products?
A. We can set up your I-Phone to your WIFI network. We can setup your Apple computer to your WIFI network. We do not attempt to fix Apple Computers or other Apple products.

Q. Can you recommend a router or device that fits my situation? Can you recommend something easy?
A. AC routers are faster than older routers and the higher the price, the faster they will go. However there are some especially good routers that are a good value. We can make recommendations based on your specific situation. We deal with people of ALL ages and we will take great care of you. We deal a lot with SENIORS who want to save money but want something easy to use.

Q. I have a large house with multiple floors. Is there a way to get rid of the WIFI deadspots?
A. There are new routers that may completely eliminate all deadspots. There are some routers that may eliminate deadspots both inside and outside including roof decks.

Q. Can you set up my new modem for me?
A. We may be able to set up your CABLE modem for you if you currently have cable service and are just replacing your current modem.

Q. Do you repair computer hardware?
A. We may be able to fix your computer hardware. We do mostly minor Windows repairs, virus repairs, spyware repairs, etc. We can, however, replace some peripherals such as computer hard drives, memory, add a solid state drive, etc.
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